About Makrana White Marble

 Makrana marble is regarded as being the oldest marble
in age and the finest quality. Makrana marble is named after a small
town in Rajasthan, India where it is mined. Artists have always sought
out makrana marble because of its pure white color and its
hardness. Makrana marble was made famous for its use as the
principle stone in the building of the Taj Mahal. In sculpture the marble
is often hand painted in vibrant colors giving a beautiful contrast to the
pure white of the marble.

A beautiful representation of the remover of obstacles,
Lord Ganesh! He is seated on a pink blooming lotus flower with his
vehicle, a rat seated by his feet. He holds an axe, noose and a ball of
sweets in his hands with his forth hand held up in the abhaya mudra. He is
wearing flowing yellow pants and a light shawl that exposes his chest and
corpulent belly. The hand painting on this sculpture is beautiful. The floral
designs decorating his corkscrew shaped trunk add to the ornate style of
the sculpture. The entire sculpture has life in it. Ganesha looks as if he is
staring into your soul.

It’s our responsibility to promote this skill in front of the whole world so that people from other parts of the world also come to know or appreciate our talent. And also it is very important to promote this skill as this would ensure all these talented people of our country a better lifestyle.

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